28.7% Webtoon Artist Got Depression-Suicidal Thoughts

According to a report titled ‘Webtoon Artist Depression-Suicidal Thoughts’ Mental and Physical Health and Unstable Labor Levels’ report released by the Korea Labor Safety and Health Research Institute on the 5th, it was found that 1 in 3 Webtoon Artists suffer from depression and insomnia.

28.7% Webtoon Artist Got Depression-Suicidal Thoughts

The Survey Result:-

According to the report, 28.7% of webtoon writers who responded to the survey were diagnosed with depression, and 28.2% experienced insomnia. In the ‘2021 Mental Health Survey’ announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in December 2021, the prevalence of depressive disorder for Koreans aged 18 to 79 years old was 7.7%. The 1-year prevalence was only 1.7%.

In the survey, 17.3% of webtoon writers thought of an ‘extreme choice’, 8.5% planned it, and 4% responded that they even tried it. This is higher than the percentage of ordinary people who thought, planned, and attempted extreme choices throughout their lifetime (10.7%, 2.5%, and 1.7%, respectively). 

The research team analyzed that “the risk of being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders was significantly higher if there was an experience of criticizing the writer through comments.”

Webtoon Artist Got Depression-Suicidal Thoughts

Some Artist Says:-

“Unless you are full of talent or have a simple drawing, drawing 60 to 70 cuts in a week itself is only possible if you change yourself.”

“To compare the state of writers being chased by deadlines, it can be seen as being mentally chased by debtors. It’s like I’m in a state of being chased because I have to somehow pay off the interest and repay the principal within the period because I’m afraid the body dealers will come.”

“It seemed like I was going crazy after 3 years and 4 years since I started writing the series, but I thought I was going to jump out of the window at this rate, so I was taking psychiatric medication and gave up half of the series. There is not a single writer around me who does not have depression. There are a few people who don’t go to the hospital and endure.”

51.5% of artists said their monthly maximum income was between 2 million and 4 million won, and 40.9% answered that their monthly minimum income was between 500,000 and 1 million won.

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