A Cosplayer Wants Proper Credit for Chainsaw Man Unofficial Adult Power Figure

Recently we did an Unofficial R18+ Adult Power Figure Post from Chainsaw Man Anime. That went viral on Social Media for Few Days. The Figure Post got More than Millions of Views On Twitter.

Over the past few months, we have featured numerous unofficial adult figurines on our website. These groups create risqué versions of well-known characters that official companies wouldn’t dare to produce.

We’ve come across an interesting scenario where Dodomo Studio revealed an unofficial adult version of Power, a character from the anime Chainsaw Man. The figure depicts Power in a shirt and panties, with her hands placed on her waist, and it quickly gained immense popularity on various social media platforms.

A Cosplayer Wants proper Credit for an Unofficial Adult Power Figure

Original Power Figure: Chainsaw Man Power’s R18+ Figurine Went Viral on Social Media

Following that, a Cosplayer who is known for her cosplay for Different Anime Characters Wants Credit for the Unofficial Figure as it’s Because copy her Cosplay Idea into Figure. Back in December of last year, cosplayer Vinne dressed up as the character Power, donning the same outfit and pose as the unofficial adult figure. Take a look for yourself!

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Cosplayer Wants proper Credit for an Unofficial Adult Power Figure

Afterward, she jotted down the release dates of the photos and found that her cosplay had been published in December 2022, while the unofficial adult figure of Power, in the same pose, was only released this March 2023. As Vinne highlighted in her multiple responses, all she’s seeking is recognition for being the source of inspiration for Dodomo Studio’s figure, which appears to have been based on her cosplay. However, after posting her concerns, she was met with the following comments.

Although the Power belongs to the Chainsaw Man franchise, the figure is designed after his cosplay form. the authors owe him the recognition of the role as a model and the authorship of the mangaka, many nsfw artists recognize the work of the models and references

I thought they had a collaboration… If they didn’t ask for permission, it’s terrible..

Did you let the author or manga know that you are going to use their character design in a cosplay?

Same pose, and almost the same outfit. They should have at least said “thanks for the idea”, I don’t know

Source: Twitter

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