Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian TV Anime Announced

Kadokawa made a big announcement on Friday, revealing that the popular light novel series “Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian” by writer Sunsunsun and artist Momoco will be adapted into a television anime.

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian TV Anime Announced
Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian TV Anime Announced

Japanese Version

Russian Version

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Sumire Uesaka as Alisa Mihairovuna Kujō
Kōhei Amasaki as Masachika Kuse


Meet Alisa Mikhailovna Kujou, the enigmatic “solitary princess” of Seiren Private Academy. With her striking silver hair and half-Russian heritage, Alisa is not only the top student in her class but also the student council accountant. Despite her many accomplishments, she remains completely unapproachable, earning her a reputation as the most unattainable girl in school. To make matters worse, Alisa has taken it upon herself to discipline the slacker who sits next to her in class, Masachika Kuze. Despite his constant sleeping and forgetfulness, Alisa secretly doesn’t mind Masachika as much as she lets on. In fact, she even allows him to call her by her nickname, Alya. Little does Alisa know, Masachika has been eavesdropping on her Russian musings, pretending to be clueless about the language while secretly wondering what her flirtatious comments mean. He’s the only person in the school who knows what Alisa is really saying, and he’s determined to crack her tough exterior and discover her true feelings. As these two unlikely classmates navigate their way through high school, their relationship takes unexpected twists and turns. Will Alisa finally let her guard down and reveal her true emotions to Masachika? Stay tuned to find out!

Kadokawa also revealed that Alya will also become a VTuber:

Kadokawa has been publishing the light novels of this popular series under its Sneaker Bunko imprint, with the sixth volume set to hit bookstores on April 1. Fans can look forward to more thrilling adventures and captivating characters as the story continues to unfold.

In addition to the light novels, a manga adaptation of the series has also been launched by Saho Tenamachi, the creator of “Shōsetsu no Kami-sama” and “Itsuka, Nemuri ni Tsuku Hi.” The manga began serialization in October 2022 on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket app, offering readers a fresh new way to experience the story through the visual medium of manga.

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