Anime Adaptation for Heat The Pig Liver! Release soon

Heat the pig liver, the famous light novel, is finally getting an anime adaptation!

heat the pig liver

 The news was announced on the official Twitter account  @butaliver_anime on 9th December. The anime will be premiering in 2023. No official date has been released yet.


Yoshitsugu Matsuoka – the pig

Tomori Kusunoki – Jess.

No information has been released on the animation studio.

heat the pig liver

About the novel

Heat the pig liver or buta no liver wa kanetsu shiro is a light novel written by Takuma Sekai, running up to 7 volumes as of now. It also has a manga, illustrated by Minami. Both the light novel and manga are published by ASCII Media Works. The novel also won gold in the 26th Dengeki novel prize. It is one of those novels where the title itself seems light-hearted, but the story takes a dark turn.


  An ordinary otaku falls unconscious while eating raw pig liver. He wakes up to find himself in the body of a pig in another world! There he meets Jess, a cute girl who can read minds. She takes in the pig despite his malicious thoughts. By cause of fate, it seems like Jess will fall into a dark path. Can the pig save Jess without any magical powers?

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