ArtisWitch ! a Trippy Ride Deeper Inside Your Heart


Artiswitch is a commendable mini series by Sunrise and Asobisystem. The artistic nature of the show makes it unique and exciting! It is a good option if you are looking for something short yet fulfilling to watch AND it is all available free on YouTube!

Goth lolita

The series was inspired by fashion, art and music from Harajuku. The scenes do not fail to impress. It captures your attention from the very first scene! The bold colors and fashion seen throughout the anime is showstopping! The picturesque asthetic of Artiswitch makes it stand out and deserving of your time!

goth lolita(2)

Artiswitch is all about art,style and peering deeper into yourself! Nina, a young witch in training accompanied by her familiar chameleon and pig runs an unusual shop. Customers who find this mysterious shop are taken on a trippy journey deep inside their heart accompanied by amazing music! The customers discover their true yearnings and Nina becomes a step closer to becoming a certified witch!

Do you want to…peer deeper?

Do you want to peer deeper into the show? Check Artiswitch on YouTube!

Main voice Cast:

 Utano Aoi as Nina

 Honoka Kuroki as Haruka

Riko as Mana

Yutaro as Akihiro

Rinne Yoshida as Ruru

Yume Miyamoto as Teala

Haruka Ishida as Saki

Main Staff:

Director : Kazuma Ikeda

Series Composition/Screenplay: Erika Yoshida

Original Character Design: Hiromi Matsuo

Stylist/Costume Design: Miki Aizawa

Art Director: Motoko Marui

Sound Director: Akiko Fujita

Music: Rasmus Faber

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