Black Clover Chapter 354 Captain Jack Death & Noelle’s Mother Return

Jack Death

On March 15, the spoilers and raw scans for chapter 354 of Black Clover were released, revealing a surprising twist. Fans were expecting more content from the Hino Country Arc before diving into the Judgment Day Arc, but author and illustrator Yuki Tabata have opted to skip ahead three days, launching the series’ ultimate conflict.

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Black Clover Chapter 354 Captain Jack Death & Noelle’s Mother Return

Reported spoilers for Black Clover chapter 354 suggest that the story begins with a time-skip of three days to Judgment Day, with Lucius and his Paladins preparing to launch their attack. The scene then shifts to the Clover Kingdom, where all of the Magic Knights are gathered in anticipation. Yami and Charlotte have a conversation, which concludes with Yami suggesting they go on a date once the battle is over.

Black Clover Chapter 354

In Black Clover chapter 354, both the Spade and Heart Kingdoms are preparing for Lucius’ impending attack, but the Diamond Kingdom is notably absent.

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Captain Jack is seen muttering about attacking the enemy when Lucius suddenly appears. Accompanying him is a figure resembling Nacht, but is actually revealed to be Morgen Faust, who brutally attacks Jack, severing his arm and creating a hole in his stomach.

Black Clover Chapter 354 Captain Jack Death

In a surprising turn of events, Acier Silva, Noelle, and Nozel Silva’s mother are resurrected as Paladin and stand before Nozel. He confirms her identity with a heartfelt shout of “mom” as she descends before him, donning her well-known Steel Magic armor. Notably, Morgen’s Paladin horns are revealed to be the same as Lucifugus’, leaving Yami shocked enough to drop his cigarette.

As a child claims to see an angel, light breaks through the clouds and Lucius declares their plan to bring happiness to the world is about to begin. The chapter ends on this ominous note.

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