Dr Stone: Ryusui Trailer, Key Visual Reveals

The official website for Dr Stone Anime Reveals New Trailer, Key Visual, and Staff for the upcoming Dr Stone: Ryusui Special. This was announced at the special live broadcast of “Dr STONE Ryusui” held on June 12th today.

Dr Stone: Ryusui Key Visual

The released PV begins with the encounter with a new character, Ryusui, who awakens from the petrification and depicts Chizora and his friends rushing on an adventure in the sky in search of oil, which is the new goal of the scientific kingdom. The anime will be broadcast on July 10.


Original: Riichiro Inagaki / Boichi “Dr STONE” (published by Shueisha Jump Comics)
Director: Shuhei Matsushita 
Series composition / Screenplay: Yuichiro Kido 
Character design: Yuko Iwasa
Design works: Yoshio Mizumura 
Main animator: Hiroyuki Horiuchi 
Art setting: Aoki Tomoyuki 
Art Director: Shunichiro Yoshihara 
Color Design: Souko Nakao 
Photo Director: Takeshi Kuzuyama
Editing: Kumiko Sakamoto 
Acoustic Director: 
Jin Aketagawa Music: Tatsuya Kato, Hiroaki Tsutsumi, YUKI KANESAKA
Animation Production: Toms Entertainment


Senku Ishigami: Yusuke Kobayashi 
Ryusui Nanami: Hiroshi Suzuki 
Daiki Oki: Shin Furukawa 
Makoto Ogawa: Kana Ichinose
Kohaku: Aimi Numakura 
Chrome: Motokin Tomoaki Maeno others

Broadcast Time

TOKYO MX: Sunday, July 10, 2022, 19: 00-20: 00
BS11: Sunday, July 10, 2022, 19: 00-20: 00
KBS Kyoto: Monday, July 11, 2022, 19: 00-20: 00
Sun TV: Tuesday, July 12, 2022, 25: 30-26: 30
Animax: Sunday, August 7, 2022, 20: 00-21: 00

In addition, a collaboration event with the National Museum of Nature and Science “Dr STONE and the World of Science around” will be held at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo from June 21st to September 4th.

Manga Describe The Story-

Thousands of years have passed since all humankind was instantly petrified by a mysterious phenomenon. Senku, a science boy with a superhuman brain, has awakened. In front of the world of stones where civilization has perished Senku decides to regain the world with the power of science. Gather new friends and create a “Science Kingdom”. Fire, iron, electricity, glass, mobile phones …From the Stone Age to modern civilization, Senku and his friends run through 2 million years of scientific history. However, the “armed empire” led by the primate’s strongest high school student, the lion prince,
stands in the way. Tsukasa, who aims to purify humankind, tried to prevent the development of science by using powerful force. STONE WARS, the war is about to begin!

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