Dragon Ball Fan Movie Goes Viral in Social Media

The Castlevania animator Naseer Pasha directed, animated, and storyboarded the Dragon Ball Fan Movie at the Canada-based independent creative team Studio Stray Dog. The Fan Animation Movie Already Got More than 3.7M Views on Youtube.

Dragon Ball Fan Movie

Credit List:

Animation, Storyboards, Direction: Naseer Pasha
Colour Direction: Michael Chung
Creative Audio Direction & Sound Design: David Vitas
Cel Colour: Naseer Pasha, Sandie Grunberg, Chris Morin, Michael Chung, Matthew Bakerdjian, Mark Conmigo, Dale Watson
Japanese Translation & Kanji Consultation: Kanako Pasha
Calligraphy, Character Design, Composite: Naseer Pasha
BG Layout: Kanako Pasha, Naseer Pasha, Ines Marsal, Dale Watson, Giuseppe Arabia, Michael Chung, Tenzin Chime
BG Paint: Michael Chung, Naseer Pasha
Frame Check: Chris Morin, Mark Conmigo, John Chan, Naseer Pasha, Michael Chung
Final QC Check: Kanako Pasha
Final Mix & Engineering: David Vitas
Music covers: Cooper Maden (“DBZ Prologue theme,” “Tournament Drums”), Charlie Parra Del Riego (“Limit Break X Survivor”), Friedrich Habetler (“Super Saiyan 3 Goku Main Theme,” “Vegeta Royal Blue Theme”).
Voice Acting: Elsie Love Lock, Jordan Woollen, Jason Alexander Sukhram

At the end of the video, Pasha Revealed that the project, which was made for fun without a budget, took four years to complete. The film is dedicated to “every child who believed they could train in 100 times the Earth’s gravity, and to every artist who taped Dragon Ball Z and paused it to draw their favorite heroes.” Read More Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga Creator Kazuki Takahashi Died by Drowning

Source: Youtube

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