Engage Kiss Anime 2nd Visual, Trailer, Ending Reveals

The second key visual and the second Trailer of the TV anime Engage Kiss Reveals. The new character, its cast, and the ending theme were also announced. The ending theme was decided to be “Love Brain” by Akari Nanawo. The Trailer Below:

Engage Kiss New Key Visual

Also, on June 22nd, at Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo, a talk event will be held with the pre-screening and cast of episodes 1 and 2. On the day of the event, Soma Saito as Shu Ogata, Saya Aizawa as Kisara, Rumi Okubo as Sharon Holy Grail, and Seitaro Mukai as Tianjin will be on stage.

Engage Kiss Key Visual

Pre-registration for the smartphone game “Engage Kiss” produced by Square Enix is ​​scheduled to begin this summer. Along with the announcement, the introduction of the game and the pre-release version of the key visual drawn by Tsunako have also been Revealed.

Engage Kiss Game Key Visual

Release Dates

TOKYO MX: Every Saturday from Saturday, July 2, 2022, 24: 30-
Tochigi TV: Every Saturday from July 2, 2022, 24: 30-
Gunma TV: Every Saturday from Saturday, July 2, 2022, 24: 30 ~
BS11: Every Saturday from July 2, 2022, 24: 30 ~
ABC TV: Every Saturday from July 2, 2022, 26: 30 ~
Me-Tele: Every Saturday from July 2, 2022, 26: 30 ~


Original: Bayron City Express
Director: Tomoya Tanaka
Series composition / Screenplay: Fumiaki Maruto
World view Setting: Shunsaku Yano
Character design Original draft: Tsunako
Animation character design / General drawing director: Masatetsu Takiyama
Sub-character design / General drawing director: Kosumi Chiaki
Devil Design Draft: Ikumi Katagiri
Animation Devil Design Prop Design: Shinpei Wada
Firearm Design: Kenji Teraoka
Action Design: Yoshihiro Kanno
Action Director: Daikatsu Maruyama
Art Director: Nobuhisa Ogiso
Background Art: Nanako Kusanagi
Design: Nanako Okazaki
Photo Director: Yohei Miyawaki
Edited by: Kumiko Sakamoto
Acoustic Director: Takeshi Takadera
Music: Yoshimasa Fujisawa
Production: A-1 Pictures
Production: Project Engage


Shu Ogata: Soma Saito
Kisara: Saya Aizawa
Ayano Yugiri: Lynn Sharon
Holy Grail: Rumi Okubo
Akino Watanabe
Miles Morgan: Kenichiro Matsuda
Tetsuya Mikami: Yoshiaki Hasegawa
Hachisuka Rinka: Saori Onishi 
Hachisuka Mikhail: Ryota Osaka

Engage Kiss

Square Enix Working on an upcoming Smartphone Game.

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