Hunter x Hunter New Staff Due to Health Issues

As we all know, Hunter x Hunter’s creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, is continuing his famous manga series, Hunter x Hunter. Togashi also said a few weeks ago that his health symptoms were not getting any better and that he was in pain.

On Monday, Yoshihiro Togashi’s official Twitter account tweeted that he had decided to increase his staff due to his health problems. His tweet stated that the manga’s chapter 399 complete specifications of background effect were finished, and chapter 400 stated that he was waiting for his creation. With the handful of manga chapters being confirmed and the increased staff that Togashi has recruited, we can expect much smoother and steadier progress of the Hunter x Hunter manga.


Togashi’s statement for his upcoming exhibition, he wrote of his health struggles. He was attempting to resume drawing in a way he could, he had a hard time getting into a position to wipe his butt. He had to take a shower every time he pooped. It took him 3-5 times longer to do everyday movements.
Hunter x Hunter

With Hunter x Hunter’s much-delayed return. Even Togashi has been pushing himself to work hard despite his current health issue and symptoms not getting any better. The mangaka has been getting ready to draw up Gon and the hunters with a very much anticipated comeback after the cliffhanger from Succession Contest Arc.

Since the manga was on hiatus multiple times, the last one being November 2018. Many fans have been waiting for its return, especially in the anime. As of this moment, there is no official announcement of Hunter x Hunter’s anime adaption. Fans have been waiting for the continuation after the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc that was left after Gon met his father, Ging.

What are you expecting for the upcoming Hunter x Hunter manga? 

How long have you been waiting for it? Let us know! In the comments.

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