Inosuke’s Uncensored Figurine Goes Viral in Social Media

Inosuke from demon slayer anime goes viral on social media because of R18 Figurine. Nowadays it’s a trend with only R18 Figurine Everywhere. First, we saw Eren Yeager’s R18 Figurine that’s gone viral around the world. 1/6 scale Inosuke action figure comes from Gentlemen 18 Studio.

Inosuke’s R18 Figure

The Price of the Figurine is around $310 US dollars with removable “private parts” and two interchangeable heads & arm sets. we already know some time ago Yor Forger’s removable figure was also revealed. it’s like the cloth removable age started. You can buy the Figurine here Link.

So what is your thoughts about the 18+ Figurine? Do you think it’s good to reveal anime characters Sexually? Give us a comment below about your thoughts on this matter…

Source: Twitter

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