Japan Yakuza Member Arrested for Not Picking Up His Dog’s Poop

Japan Yakuza Member Arrested for Not Picking Up His Dog’s Poop

On a frigid winter morning, in the tough streets of Asahikawa City, located in Hokkaido Prefecture, in Japan, the scene was set. While most people remained snugly tucked away in their homes, shielded from the harsh elements, the solitary steps of an individual resonated through the windswept pavement. As the first light of dawn broke over the gritty suburban skyline, the atmosphere was charged with an air of anticipation.

This man belonged to the Kyokudokai division of the notorious Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza family. Accompanying him was the cherished pet dog of a deceased yakuza boss. During their customary stroll, the man paused momentarily outside a residence in the Higashi 5-5 district, casting a vigilant gaze upon his surroundings with his piercing eyes. With that brief pause, he unwittingly set in motion a chain of events that would culminate in his apprehension for violating the Waste Management Law several months later.

Japan Yakuza Member Arrested for Not Picking Up His Dog’s Poop

Japanese Yakuza Member Arrested for Not Picking Up his Dog’s Poop

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On May 17th, a 57-year-old member of the yakuza was apprehended and formally charged for failing to clean up his dog’s waste, which had been left on the premises of a residential property in the aforementioned district. The police reported two separate incidents of this nature occurring on December 28th and January 9th, both at 7 a.m.

While it is known that the yakuza member follows the same dog-walking route every morning, he adamantly denies the accusations, claiming that he does not believe his dog defecated at that specific time and location, as alleged by the authorities.

Given the potential availability of surveillance footage and the possibility of conducting DNA analysis to establish a direct link between the waste and the dog, the central question in this case revolves around whether the yakuza member was truly aware of his dog defecating on someone else’s property, thereby indicating intent. The police have affirmed their commitment to conducting a thorough investigation to determine the facts. It is likely that this investigation will encompass an examination of the yakuza member’s daily activities and associations to ascertain whether he was genuinely preoccupied with organized crime endeavors, potentially rendering him oblivious to his dog’s actions.

Public Reaction:

“Do the police have the turd in a vault somewhere as evidence?”
“Forget yakuza, normal people should be arrested for not picking up poop too.”
“The police have really been going after the yakuza hard recently.”
“They just arrested a couple of yakuza members just for watching a baseball game last month.”
“He brought shame to his clan.”
“Those villainous yakuza destroying our cities with dog poop…”
“He seems like a senior member and his job is walking a dog?”

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