Japanese Underwear Rescue Team

This Might Sound Crazy, but in Japan, there is a Team called them self Japanese Underwear Rescue Team. While I was looking through Twitter, i found a Twitter Post About The Japanese Underwear Rescue Team.

Japanese Underwear Rescue Team

The People Who collect the Underwear from the Trash call themself Shitagi Kyuushutsu (Underwear Rescue Team). Below is the accounts of the Group:

Japanese Underwear Rescue Team

So they basically collect the Panties from the Trash. If you are a woman and your bra or Panties Got ripped or get cracked, you will throw them in the Trash. These People Just Collect those bras and Panties as Their Find or Discovery. It’s like for them Hunting Treasure. After Finding a new Bra or Panties. They will post it on their Twitter Pages.

Japanese Underwear Rescue Team

They Don’t Just Collect Them but also Sell their Finds, and many people buy these bra and Panties from them. Whenever they find a new Bra or panties from Trash, they post those on Twitter By Saying:

I found a suspicious (garbage) bag and rescued it immediately, if anyone wants, DM me.

I just found a bra. Anyone interested DM me

I found a bag in the trash and rescued it, I found it in the condo where I am and I think it’s from a married woman, it smells amazing, DM to anyone who wants it

Most People’s Reaction Was:

It’s scary

It’s the end of this country

This is very bad

I feel bad when a stranger takes my underwear, but wouldn’t that be a crime?

So what is your thought on this matter? what do you think? are they doing good work or dangerous? or will it affect society? let us know in the comments below.

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Source: Twitter

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