Kou iu no ga ii Manga in French Comes with Condom

The adult manga “Kou iu no ga ii” about two friends who live their lives and enjoy spending time together is being published by the French publisher, Kurokawa.

The plot story revolves around Murata and Tomoka, two adults who, after getting fed up with their past relationships, become friends through an online game and decide to go straight to a motel. From that night on, they frequently meet and enjoy each other’s company.

In the upcoming chapters, we witness multiple instances of Murata and Tomoka’s interactions as friends, where they enjoy activities such as going out, playing, and having conversations. However, despite engaging in sexual activities, they both refrain from being labeled as a couple.

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Kou iu no ga ii Visual

The manga is being published by the French publisher, Kurokawa, and they have announced a special edition of the manga that will include condoms.


Do what we want, when we want, with the person we want. Such a relationship needs no label. Murata and Tomoka, who are tired of their past relationships, become friends after sharing a game online and decide to go directly to a love hotel. After this evening, they meet regularly and have a good time together.

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