My Hero Academia Chapter 362 Bakugo Died

We already know My Hero Academia Season 6 Coming this October with a Blast and fans are really happy to Get Back on the New Anime Season. But Manga readers of My Hero Academia are not happy with ongoing new chapters. My Hero Academia Final Arc will be Sad we all know and we can say the Author will Kill Some Characters, In the Early Chapter, we already lost a few Heroes in the Manga.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362

Below Contain Spoilers

In the Latest Chapter of the Boku no Hero Academia Manga, Bakugo Died, yes he died So far the Chapter Goes. Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 362 is titled Light Fades to Rain. After Reading the title of the Chapter you can guess what will be Happing…

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 362 Details

Tamaki thinks about Fat, Kirishima, Tetsutetsu, and Mirio. He concentrates and shoots, calling it Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon. It’s one of the biggest special techniques in the whole series, the beam reaches for miles and miles beyond the barrier

But even that isn’t enough to hurt Tomur AFO. He says asks Tamaki if he really thinks prime All Might would die from such an attack. When all seems lost, Bakugou stands up. He’s moving insanely fast, Shigaraki can’t keep up. His pupils have the Cluster explosion effects

We get some narration explaining his quirk and it says that Cluster has a secondary effect of allowing him to produce explosions from his whole body. While he’s fighting, Bakugou thinks to himself “can I still keep up with you, Izuku?”

All For One doesn’t understand why he’s feeling uneasy, even though he’s not fighting against an OFA user. But that’s when he remembers the 2nd user. He then goes for an all-out attack. Bakugou sees himself in a white space, facing All Might’s spirit.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362

Bakugou immediately understands what’s happening and reveals his only regret: “I really, really wanted you to sign my All Might card”-The Big 3 + Miruko appear and rush toward AFO, landing a blow at him at the same time, but something terrible happened

The news is reporting a sudden increase in the temperature, the civilians are confused. We see a panel of Bakugou’s parents. AFO asks why they thought they had any chance. The heroes are all shocked beyond belief. Bakugou’s heart has stopped, he lays on the ground

My Hero Academia Chapter 362

The last page is a double spread, a truly heartbreaking one. There’s blood on Bakugou’s face and you can see the All Might card near him.

Can Bakugo Be Saved?

The answer is Yes, We already know about Erai. Eri’s Quirk is capable of reversing the state of any living being to an earlier point in its existence. This was shown when she erased her father from existence, reversed Deku to a point where One for All hadn’t damaged his limbs in his fight against Overhaul, and when she restored Mirio’s powers following the erasure of his Quirk.

But We don’t know what is Author Thinking. it’s up to him how he will make his story. He might kill him or save him.

What is your thought? will he be saved? or will he die for Deku’s development? let us know in the comments below.

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