One Piece Live Action Peter Gadiot as Shanks

An additional cast of the One Piece Live Action based on the original work by Eiichiro Oda has been announced. Peter Gadiot plays the role of Shanks.

One Piece Live Action Shanks

The live-action version of “ONE PIECE” was delivered as a Netflix original series. This time, the cast of Shanks, a red-haired man who is a longing man who inspired Luffy to become the pirate king, has been revealed.

One Piece Live Action

Oda was appointed as an executive producer for the drama “ONE PIECE”. Tomorrow Studio, led by producer Marty Adelstein, who worked on “Prison Break”, will also participate, and Matt Owens, who is also a big fan of “ONE PIECE”, will be in charge of the script. One Piece Live Action First Look and the new cast were also revealed yesterday on the One Piece Live Action Official Twitter Page.

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