One Piece Manga Wano Arc Going On Hiatus in July

One Piece Red

One Piece Ongoing Wano Arc is currently the number one arc of the anime/manga series of all time. We already got some great animation work with each episode coming out every week. In episode 1015 animation, Toei just delivered movie-level work.

it looks like manga of one piece will take a short break soon. In the manga, we already saw some great development. after a long time we got a new transformation (Luffy Gear 5). Kaido and Luffy’s fighting becomes tense with every new chapter. To make everything more epic a new movie coming this year One Piece Red Film.

One Piece Red Film will focus on shanks’ development. In the trailer, we already found out about Shanks Daughter which makes the movie more interesting.

One Piece Mini Arc

Recently we found some leaks about upcoming movie and manga. The leaks say One piece Wano arc will go on hiatus and a mini-arc for the movie Red will Start from July. which will reveal more detail about the movie. also will try to match ongoing manga…

We still didn’t see any official News from Toei animation. but it’s almost likely to be true. Because we already know one piece reveals mini-arc or filer arc info before the official News. So we can say this will be Epic.

So what is your thought about this upcoming mini-arc? what do you think will we get more details about shanks past? let us know your thoughts in the comment below. Read More Makima From Chainsaw Man Manga Gets R18 Figurine..

Source: Twitter Leak