One Punch Man Chapter 181 King Saw Tatsumaki’s Panties

In One Punch Man Chapter 181, Tatsumaki’s relentless rampage with Saitama in tow is depicted as she rampages through the city. Fans are also treated to the brief return of a beloved character, although their appearance is short-lived.

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One Punch Man Chapter 181 King Saw Tatsumaki's Panties

The preceding chapter showed Tatsumaki causing chaos by throwing Saitama through two cities, inadvertently resolving two conflicts in the process. Along the way, they defeated the Iron Fist gang and flew through the head of the Dragon-level monster Kenzan Rat, without giving much attention to their rescue efforts.

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The opening of One Punch Man chapter 181, titled “Scalp Friction,” featured Amai Mask’s surprise at seeing Saitama and Fubuki battling in his city, causing extensive damage. In an effort to return to their original location, Saitama suggested to Tatsumaki that they should head back.

Tatsumaki consented and positioned herself in front of Saitama, implying that she expected him to carry her once again like the last time. Unfortunately, Saitama did not catch on and began walking in what he assumed was the correct direction. This sparked Tatsumaki’s irritation, prompting her to grab Saitama by his head and forcefully drag him to the actual location.

Suddenly, a pursuer appeared, chasing after them with incredible speed. Tatsumaki suspected that it must be either a hero or a villain, given their velocity. It turned out to be none other than Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, who spotted Saitama and immediately sought to eliminate him.

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic hurled his Exploding Shurikens at Saitama, but Tatsumaki used her esper abilities to redirect them towards the attacker. Although he managed to evade most of them, one misstep resulted in him being blasted in all directions.

Upon arriving at their destination, Saitama urged Tatsumaki to keep up her destruction, but she expressed apprehension about the potential consequences of unleashing her full power. In contrast, Saitama desired precisely that outcome.

Meanwhile, at the Hero Association headquarters, some members of the Blizzard group resigned due to Fubuki’s failure to justify her actions. While Eyelashes believed that Fubuki acted due to their lack of ability, Lily attempted to persuade the others not to leave. As a result, Eyelashes resolved to enhance his skills and rally the rest of the Blizzard group to reunite with Fubuki.

While Fighting Saitama, Tatsumaki went flying to Kings House. King Saw Her Pantsu.


In One Punch Man chapter 181, Tatsumaki persisted in her destructive spree to evaluate Saitama’s power. As she had yet to fully unleash her abilities, it may be a while before she ceases her onslaught. In another location, members of the Blizzard group were en route to reunite with Fubuki, but whether or not she will welcome them back remains uncertain and will require further anticipation from fans.

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