One Punch Man Chapter 182 Tatsumaki Lose to Saitama

In One Punch Man Chapter 179, the battle between Saitama and Tatsumaki rages on, with Tatsumaki evidently relishing the fact that she has finally found someone she can fight to her heart’s content. She unleashes even more powerful abilities on Saitama, who notices a change in her demeanor when he suggests altering the battleground.

One Punch Man Chapter 182 Tatsumaki Lose to Saitama

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One Punch Man Chapter 182

The opening of One Punch Man’s 182nd chapter, “Unascertained,” featured the Hero Association attempting to manage the growing tremors spreading throughout A-city. As the situation worsened, Forte, who was recovering in the hospital, contemplated intervening if the tremors were caused by monsters.

Suddenly, Saitama burst through the hospital window and inquired about Forte’s condition before urging him to rest and depart. After witnessing the scale of destruction outside, Forte chose to delay his anticipated rematch with Saitama.

Upon arriving at the fight’s location, the Blizzard group was taken aback by the immense level of destruction caused by Tatsumaki’s unleashed powers. In the midst of their shock, one of the group members checked their watch and made a startling discovery.

One Punch Man Chapter 182 Tatsumaki Lose to Saitama

However, the narrative quickly shifted to the ongoing fight as Tatsumaki was seen struggling and panting while battling Saitama. Despite being tasked with testing Saitama’s abilities, she had underestimated her own limits of power.

Previously, Blast had been the only hero capable of challenging Tatsumaki outside of a life-or-death encounter with a villain. But Saitama was a different story altogether.

Tatsumaki attempted to ensnare Saitama by twisting the earth around him, but he broke free with ease and without any harm. Witnessing Tatsumaki’s physical strain, Saitama advised her to refrain from pushing herself further. However, Tatsumaki took offense to this suggestion and desired to use her esper powers to blast him into space, but she could only manage to lift him above the ground.

Determined to continue battling Saitama, Tatsumaki suddenly fainted and recalled her past memories with Blast. He had entrusted her with the duty of safeguarding her family, which motivated her to rescue Fubuki from Tsukuyomi.

While Fubuki watched Tatsumaki fighting with the group, she became terrified of her elder sister, inadvertently triggering her own esper powers.

Tatsumaki searched for Blast, hoping to obtain some answers, but he was nowhere to be found. As she awoke, Saitama appeared before her and commended Tatsumaki for developing such formidable powers.

Saitama advised Tatsumaki to lead a life worthy of her abilities, cautioning her not to damage others’ property if she went on a rampage. After patting her head, Saitama departed, only for Fubuki to arrive shortly after.

Having heeded Tatsumaki’s advice, Fubuki had dissolved the Blizzard group, but they had tailed her to Tatsumaki’s location. As Tatsumaki prepared to attack Fubuki, her sister intervened and questioned the group’s plans to face Tatsumaki, given their inadequacy in defeating her.

At this point, Saitama intervened and urged Tatsumaki to permit the Blizzard group to accompany Fubuki. He reasoned that even though they were currently weak, they might become much stronger in the future. Hearing Saitama’s appeal, Tatsumaki halted Fubuki and allowed the Blizzard group to serve their leader once more.

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As the chapter drew to a close, Tatsumaki once again threatened the Blizzard group and informed Saitama that she might surprise him with another test in the future. However, Saitama declined the offer.

Following this, Fubuki and the Blizzard group pondered over how Saitama had managed to persuade Tatsumaki. It was then that a member of the Blizzard group, who had witnessed something astonishing earlier, revealed it to Fubuki.

One Punch Man Chapter 183 Release Date?

The release date for One Punch Man Chapter 183 is March 30, 2023, which means that the countdown has begun with only 7 days left until its release. Excitingly, the eagerly awaited One Punch Man Chapter 183 will be available in just a week!

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