One Punch Man Fans Claim Saitama Stronger Than DB Characters

We already know that the One Punch Man Manga is Going Crazy with Every New Chapter. The Fight Between God Garou and Serious Saitama Broking Internet with every new release Chapters. In the last few chapters, the fight was so intense. Fans Say it’s one of the best Fights.

We know that there are many fans who love to compare one anime to another anime. As for One Punch Man fandom, it’s the same. Saitama’s biggest anime rival is None other than Goku from Dragon Ball. Fans love to compare these two Anime Characters Most and the ongoing fight for the top place of these two anime characters going crazy for while.

Some One Punch Man fan even said that “Saitama Currently Stronger than Dragon Ball Characters”

Saitama has always been stronger than Goku. Saitama’s name is One Punch Man… meaning he can kill you in 1 punch

Saitama Stronger Than Zeno Sama” who is a God in Dragon Ball Universe. There are many more…

Even in google search if you search who is the strongest anime character? it will show Saitama Number 1 and Goku Number 2.

One Punch Man

But Dragon Ball fans not taking this lightly, they are defending their favorite characters. Some of them were even angry. it’s going wild on Social Media.

There is many fan animation, where Saitama vs Goku fight showed. Some even got Millions of Views on youtube. Whatever you say at the end of the day the fight will never end. The fans of these two anime will fight till the end.

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