One Punch Man Saitama X Tatsumaki’s Wedding Picture Went Viral

On The Latest Chapter of the One Punch Man Manga. We Already so an epic Comedy Fight Going Between Saitama And Tatsumaki. One Punch Man Chapter 181 Reveals that Tatsumaki Wears Pantsu all this time.

Article Contains Spoilers

After Reading the Recent Chapter Some Fans Dream shatter. Because “All this Time They thought Tatsumaki Never Wears Pantsu”. Now about the Wedding Picture. In one of the panels Tatsumaki and Saitama Stand in front of Each Other. The Image Below:

One Punch Man Saitama X Tatsumaki's Wedding Picture Went Viral

Some Fans Edit the Image and Made this below:

One Punch Man Saitama X Tatsumaki's Wedding Picture Went Viral

In The Image, We can see a Loveable Couple about to Get Married. But Someone Looks Angry in the Image and It’s Genos.’

Read the Lastest Chapter Here: One Punch Man Chapter 181

If we go back to Pantsu Topic. The Guy who first saw Tatsumaki’s Pantsu is King. While Fighting Saitama, Tatsumaki landed in front of the King’s Home. Overall the One Punch Man Manga going Dupe Mode.

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