Season 6 of My Hero Academia Gets New Trailer

My Hero Academia is gaining popularity rapidly; the anime’s Season 6 is finally premiering on October 1, 2022. Crunchyroll is also confirmed to be streaming the anime side by side on its release


My Hero Academia

Finally, the 3rd promotional trailer got revealed on Youtube, along with its opening and ending themes. SUPER BEAVER will be performing the opening music, “Hitamuki”. Kiro Akiyama for the ending theme, “SKETCH”. The same staff and cast are returning for the new season. Popular streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll have all five anime seasons ready to stream. 

Season 6 of the anime will adapt the original manga of My Hero Academia, Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Moreover, this features the most anticipated and intense war between the heroes and villains. 


The trailer of My Hero Academia was officially uploaded on Youtube on September 3, 2022. The first scene involves Shigaraki leading the Paranormal Liberation Front along with the other villains he allied with. The small-time villain they used to know isn’t the same Shigaraki anymore as he has grown stronger. The heroes shown in the trailer are training hard for the upcoming all-out war.

My Hero Academia

With a month left until the most awaited anime of this year, many fans are excited to see what happens after the suspense-ending Season 5 leaves us. As we all recall, the joint operation summoned hero course students in the last episode of Season 5. Furthermore, that is when the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front will take place against the Heroes and the Villains. Nothing will be the same after that circulating the Hero Society.

The peak of My Hero Academia is coming near, and many fans are excited and excited about it!

How do you feel about the Anime’s Season 6 next month?

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