Spy X Family Anime 2nd Cour Trailer Reveals

The teaser PV for the second Cour of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY” based on the original work by Tatsuya Endo has been released. Keith played by Hiroki Takahashi also unveiled. Spy X Family 2nd cour set for October 2022.

Spy X Family Anime Visual

The second course will be broadcast on TV Tokyo Network 6 stations and others from October. Furthermore, the distribution release of “TV anime” SPY x FAMILY “original soundtrack Vol.1” containing the BGM of the first cool play by (K) NoW_NAME has been decided. Distribution will start at 24:00 today on each music distribution site.

The First Season of the Anime Started On April 9. The Anime is Currently Streaming on Crunchyroll, Muse Asia(YT), Netflix etc Streaming Platform.

Myanimelist describes the story-

Corrupt politicians, frenzied nationalists, and other warmongering forces constantly jeopardize the thin veneer of peace between neighbouring countries Ostania and Westalis. In spite of their plots, renowned spy and master of disguise “Twilight” fulfills dangerous missions one after another in the hope that no child will have to experience the horrors of war. In the bustling Ostanian city of Berlint, Twilight dons the alias of “Loid Forger,” an esteemed psychiatrist. However, his true intention is to gather intelligence on prominent politician Donovan Desmond, who only appears rarely in public at his sons’ school: the prestigious Eden Academy. Enlisting the help of unmarried city hall clerk Yor Briar to act as his wife and adopting the curious six-year-old orphan Anya as his daughter, Loid enacts his master plan. He will enroll Anya in Eden Academy, where Loid hopes she will excel and give him the opportunity to meet Donovan without arousing suspicion.

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