Square Enix’s Official Manga App Gets Criticized For Censorship

Square Enix’s New Manga App (Manga Up!) Launched for Fans Outside Japan. The App contains many different genres of Manga. Also, Some Famous manga Like My Dress Up Darling, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Soul Eater. The Manga App is Made for people who live outside Japan and use third parties for the Manga that’s launched on Square Enix’s Shonen Gangan magazine platform.

Because of that Square Enix Revealed the new Manga App where people can read the mangas in English, but the mangas in the app were absurd Censored. The Censorship was so bad that fans on Twitter Criticized Square Enix for Making such a censored base app.

Square Enix's Official Manga App Gets Criticized For Censorship

You can see the censorship in the Upper image. The left side is the Original Manga Version, and the Right Side is the Censored version. There is More.

Square Enix's Official Manga App Gets Criticized For Censorship

In the Upper Image, you can see Even after wearing full clothes in the Original Panel. They censored it with Black Lines.

Below More:

The Fans Criticized:

Here’s an easy trick. if you have to censor it. Don’t bother with it. Unless you have any option to provide an uncensored version you’re just giving people another reason to pirate manga.

I legitimately thought this system was a great idea but I can’t support this. If certain locations need that type of heavy censorship make it location based. If it comes down to phone providers then release a PC version.

This is why we love to use pirate sites and apps.

The official page for Manga Up did address the issues in a note. The team at Square Enix said robust censorship was needed to make its titles available to countries around the world rather than just English-speaking countries.

The app uses an Ai system to read the manga. Manga Up! app gives you free UP points every day, which you can use to read up to 8 free chapters daily. But the manga chapters aren’t unlocked permanently, you can read the chapter unlimited times for 72 hours only, and after that, you will have to pay for it again.

You can download the App From Any Play Store. Read More: Reborn to Master the Blade Anime Trailer, Cast Reveals.

Source: Twitter

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