The Undead-Unluck New Adaptation Announced!!

Undead-Unluck has been Announced in the 39th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump and has revealed that it is officially confirmed! It has been announced in 2023 that they will be having a TV anime adaptation by David Production premiere this coming 2023. The magazine also revealed a teaser visual and a celebratory illustration from Tozuka.

Undead-Unluck Anime Adaptation Announced

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The production team for Undead-Unluck will be David Production is known for its animations in Fire Force and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. UNLIMITED PRODUCE by TMS is producing and planning the anime. Yoshifumi Tozuka writes and draws Undead and Unluck manga which was serialized in the magazine in January 2020. Shueisha will release the 13th volume on September 2.

The ‘Undead-Unluck’ Manga revolves around Fuuko Izumo (on the right) and Andy (on the left). Fuuko is a young, tormented girl who has been isolating herself from everyone for the past 10 years because of her “Unluck” ability which brings misfortune to anyone she comes into contact with. Ever since a huge incident that caused many lives, she never dared to touch anyone again.

Although she wanted a passionate romance, she could only dream of it. With all these conditions, she decided to end her life but was stopped when she met an “Undead” man who had mind-blowing regenerative abilities, Andy. He had a strong desire to die the best death as he despised his immortality.

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Yoshifumi Tozuka is a talented manga artist known for making the manga Undead-Unluck. He first drew the one shot, ‘Undead + Unluck,’ then later became a series titled ‘Undead-Unluck.’

Da Vinci magazine had an interview with Yoshifumi Tozuka; he commented, “I drew this work with the intention of affirming everyone, even those in difficult circumstances.” Tozuka used his experience as a “Jump” reader to determine and compute his survival strategy, increasing speed and density to avoid being buried, among other works.

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