“To Your Eternity” makes its comeback on October 23

To Your Eternity anime to continue Fushi’s journey from the 23rd of October, 2022. It was announced on the webpage of the anime, along with its visual keys and casts for the second season.

to your eternity

To Your Eternity’s second season to start its broadcast on the 23rd of October 2022. It was announced by the official website of the anime along with the main visual key and the additional characters and casts on September 6, 2022. It will premiere on Sunday 23 October 2022 (Sunday) on NHK ETV at 7:00 pm on NHK ETV (25 minutes each, a total of 20 episodes). 

To Your Eternity: Season 1


Fushi, the main character, was an orb cast into the Earth. It is possible for him to assume the form of any dead creature that is either close to it or touched by it. As well as food he has eaten, it can also produce weapons that have hurt him. As he was cast upon the Earth, he took the form of a small rock with which he had been in contact.

 Years passed, and the land began to snow; an injured wolf limped towards the small rock and died beside it. The small rock took the form of the wolf, as it took the form of a wolf, and the injuries it had as a wolf was healed as soon as it took its form. It wandered to where the wolf was heading and met a little boy, who seemed to be alone in a snowy village and was waiting for the wolf. As the boy died, it took the form of the boy, wandered away from the snowy village, and met a little girl named March.

A little girl was about to be sacrificed to the giant bear, also known as the spirit bear by the tribal villagers. When the girl met the orb, she taught him to eat and named him Fushi because she knew he was immortal (Fushi, from the word ‘fujimi’ meaning ‘immortal’ in Japanese). 

They were taken as hostages by other tribes and were kept in jail. As they were escaping the little girl, March sacrificed herself in order to save her older sister-like person, Parona.


 Fushi traveled alongside an old lady named Pioran, the old lady who taught Fushi to read and write and speak. Along with Pioran, Fushi went to a small town where he met a brother-like person named Gugu. On their way to the town, Fushi and Pioran were attacked by Fushi’s archenemy called the Nokkers, who can take away the form along with the memories that Fushi had. Fushi met The Beholder, whom he calls the black hooded man,  there after the fight with the Nokkers. One day Gugu saved Fushi from the Nokkers and Fushi had enveloped strong emotion towards him as his older brother.


 They lived for more than four years altogether. One day during Ms.Rean’s birthday, they were once again attacked by the Nokkers. They attacked, leaving huge damage to the land as well as Fushi’s heart as Gugu died trying to save Ms.Rean. The Nokkers Fushi’s morphed form of March and the giant bear, so he lost all the memories he had with them. 

After the incident, Fushi decided to leave alone and was later accompanied by Pioran and they traveled to Jananda, the prison island. There Pioran was locked in a prison room. At the same time, Fushi was rescued by a girl named Tonari, who brought them to the island and made Fushi fight in an arena, saying that if he won they might be able to save Pioran and leave the island if he becomes the new island chief. 

The Nokkers attacked the Jananda one day, he fought them all alone, but the prisoners decided to help him and defeated the Nokkers. The prisoners helped Fushi get back his memories and form of March and the giant bear.

One day while fighting in the arena, Fushi found out that Perona, who was dear to him, died as he was able to take her form. Fushi, in sadness, fought in the arena, while after the match, Tonari kept following him, wanting to make him like and trust her. As Fushi learns about Tonari and her friends’ pasts and dreams, he decides to help them leave the island.


In the final match at the arena, Fushi’s opponent was Hayase of the Yanome (who killed March), and he learns that she had killed Parona as well. Hayase was the winner of the match as she had drugged Fushi with a dart, and the new island chief Hayase had taken Fushi as her prisoner and kept him in a room. Tonari and his friends decided to save Fushi but failed as she caught them sneaking in. Fushi made a deal with Hayase that if she let Tonari’s wishes be fulfilled, he would stay with her. 

Tonari decided to take all the kids below the age of 8 and Pioran from the island and leave the island along with her friends. As they took off Tonari came back to rescue Fushi, and not long after, the Nokkers attacked the island again. Tonari and Fushi stopped by to help the prisoners fight the Nokkers, Tonari’s friend joined them and helped them fight the Nokkers. Tonari and Fushi lost three of their friends in the fight. 

Tonari decided to leave behind the island and help the prisoners build the island back, while Fushi took Hayase away from the island with him and decided to leave in a boat. Fushi left Hayase tied up in a boat and left her in the middle of the sea while he made another boat with his ability and left on his own. 

After Fushi reached the island, he searched around for Pioran and after finally finding him, he had other thoughts of leaving her behind as he would only cause her more trouble. Fushi decided to leave all her needs and leave him alone, but Pioran knew that and told him that she would accompany him. Pioran and Fushi lived on an island away from people defeating the Nokkers. After a few years, Pioran decided to leave Fushi. She died as she wished to be someone who’s useful and helps Fushi in another life to the Beholder. 

Additional casts:

Kahaku (cv: Mitsuki Saiga)

Hisame (cv: Tomori Kusonoki)
Bonchien (cv: Takehiko Koyasu)

Source: to your eternity official website – Our Other Articles

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