Tomo-chan Is A Girl! Manga Gets Anime in January 2023

The official Twitter for Tomo-chan Is A Girl! Reveals key visuals, cast and staff members. It was also revealed that the anime will be broadcast from January 2023.

Tomo-chan Is A Girl! Key Visual

The serialization started on Twitter in 2015 and was completed in 2019, and in 2016, it won first place in the Web manga category at the “2nd Next Manga Award”. It is also very popular with overseas manga and anime fans, mainly in the United States, and anime is developed in various regions of the world, including Japan and the United States.


Original Work: Fumita Yanagida (Seikaisha COMICS)
Director: Hitoshi Namba
Assistant Director: Noriko Hashimoto
Head Writer: Megumi Shimizu
Character Designer: Shiori Hiraiwa
Music: Masaru Yokoyama
Animation Studio: Lay-duce


Rie Takahashi as Tomo Aizawa
Kaito Ishikawa as Junichiro Kubota
Rina Hidaka as Misuzu Gundo
Sally Amaki as Carol Olston

Crunchyroll describes the story-

A youthful romantic comedy between a boyish girl and her dense childhood friend. Loved by fans all over the world, this series is now being made into an anime! Ever since the manga for “Tomo-chan Is A Girl!” started on Twitter in 2015, this awkward yet straightforward romance between the boyish protagonist and her childhood friend became loved by readers. The series concluded in 2019. It won 1st place for the Web Manga category in the 2nd Annual NEXT MANGA AWARDS. Not only is it extremely popular among fans in Japan, but the series also has many passionate fans overseas, which led to this long-awaited anime adaptation! Boyish high school girl Tomo Aizawa (Tomo-chan) wants her childhood friend Junichiro Kubota to see her as an actual girl, but every attempt ends up in vain. Will Junichiro ever realize Tomo’s romantic feelings towards him?! In 2023, Tomo-chan and her very unique friends will charm the world with this youthful romcom!

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Source: Natalie, Crunchyroll

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