Tower of God Manhwa Goes on hiatus due to Author Health

The famous webtoon Tower of God will be going on New Hiatus. The announcement came after Tower of God Chapter 550th was released. The chapter is only availed for FastPass users of the Naver website.

Tower of God

SIU Said, That something personal has been happening in the past few months and that he tried dedicating more time to his work, but that he was already at his limit. Initially, the break was supposed to be only one week long. He goes on to say that he wanted to have content that his readers were satisfied with but that it did not work out the way he wanted it to. Instead of continuing to deliver work that his readers aren’t happy with, SIU wants to rest and get better and promises to return once he regains a bit of composure. He finishes off by saying that fans love Tower of God and so does he.

Not long ago the webtoon came back from hiatus, the webtoon came back from the previous hiatus in May. He went on hiatus in 2020. Tower of God is a Korean manhwa that was first published in 2010 and has since been serialized on Naver’s Webtoon platform. It received an official English translation in July 2014. The webtoon also got an anime adaptation by Telecom Animation Film, The anime aired in Spring 2020.

Source: Naver

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