Vinland Saga Season 2 Reveals 2nd Half PV, Theme Song

On Friday, the staff of the second season of the Vinland Saga anime released two trailers for the show’s second cour. The first trailer features a sneak peek of Survive Said the Prophet’s new opening theme song, “Paradox,” marking their second contribution to the series after performing the theme song for the first season.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Reveals 2nd Half PV, Theme Song

The 2nd video reveals and previews haju: harmonics’ new ending theme song “Ember.”

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 13 Preview:

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The anime’s second season made its debut on January 9, airing on Tokyo MX, BS11, and Gifu Broadcasting. It is currently available for streaming in Japan on various platforms, including Netflix. Internationally, Netflix is streaming the anime worldwide, except for China, while Crunchyroll is streaming the season globally, except for Asia. Additionally, Crunchyroll is offering multiple language options, including English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and French dubs, as well as an English dub.

Interestingly, the first season’s staff will be returning for the second season, but this time under the animation studio MAPPA, rather than Wit Studio. The first season initially aired in July 2019.

Vinland Saga is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. The series is set in the 11th century and follows the life of Thorfinn, a young Viking boy who embarks on a journey of revenge against Askeladd, the leader of a mercenary group that killed his father. Along the way, Thorfinn becomes embroiled in a larger conflict between England and Denmark, and begins to question the morality of his violent way of life.

The manga was first published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 2005 and ended in 2019. It has since been collected into 24 tankōbon volumes. The series has been well-received for its complex characters, detailed artwork, and exploration of historical themes.

An anime adaptation produced by Wit Studio and directed by Shūhei Yabuta premiered in July 2019. The second season of the anime premiered in January 2021 and is being produced by MAPPA. The anime is available for streaming on Netflix and Crunchyroll. The series has also inspired various video games and merchandise.

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