What Is the Cross Guild in One Piece?

With the dissolution of the Shichibukai system and the ascension of two of the Four Emperors, the balance of power in the New World was bound to shift. It was finally revealed in One Piece 1056 that a completely new organization had been established. The Cross Guild is the name of this organization. While not everything about it has been revealed, its existence has sent shockwaves throughout the New World and shifted the power balance of the One Piece world dramatically.

Cross Guild in One Piece

What Is the Cross Guild?

The Cross Guild, first introduced in One Piece 1056, is an organization founded by none other than the Yonko of the Sea, Buggy. Buggy appears to have successfully escaped from the Marine battalion that was pursuing him and his former organization, called Buggy’s Delivery, following the dissolution of the Shichibukai system. With the plethora of allies he had amassed over the last two years, as well as connections to the likes of Shanks and even several members of the Roger Pirates, it was easy to see why Buggy was given special attention by the World Government.
As a result, several other powerful New World pirates joined forces with him. This eventually led to Buggy becoming Emperor of the Sea, wielding great power and authority. Because of the formation of this organization, the many powerful pirates who are being pursued by the World Government can now seek refuge under Buggy’s name. One can either oppose the Emperors or seek refuge under the name in the New World. As a result of the Cross Guild, Buggy’s influence and power will only grow in the future.

Who Are the Members?

The Cross Guild is undoubtedly a massive organization comprised of several powerful pirates. However, only three of its members have been revealed to fans as of yet. As previously stated, the organization is led by the Genius Clown, Buggy the Clown. He is regarded as the group’s leader, though the exact dynamic within the organization is unknown. Dracule Mihawk, the World’s Greatest Swordsman in One Piece, follows Buggy. Mihawk is a former Shichibukai who fought the Navy after the system was dismantled. He appears to have successfully fended them off and then joined forces with Buggy to combat the Marines’ growing influence. Mihawk is widely regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the One Piece universe, and as such, he is possibly the most powerful member of the Cross Guild. He was once a rival to Shanks, his influence and pedigree are immense.
Sir Crocodile is the last known Cross Guild member. He, like Mihawk, is a former Shichibukai, but he was not affected by the system’s dissolution. Crocodile lost his Shichibukai status after defeating him during the Alabasta arc. He was trapped in Level 6 of Impel Down after his defeat. Crocodile escaped from Impel Down during the great prison breakout led by Luffy shortly before the Paramount War and returned to the New World after the war. Since then, he’s most likely grown in power and influence, and he’s now one of the most powerful pirates in the New World. Crocodile appears to be the Cross Guild’s second strongest member after Mihawk.

The Purpose of the Cross Guild?

Buggy has only been recognized as one of the Emperors of the Sea because of the Cross Guild, which functions similarly to a Yonko crew. The Cross Guild, like any other crew, is attempting to expand its influence in the New World and compete for supremacy against other powerful factions that exist there. At the same time, the Cross Guild is doing something that no pirate in the One Piece world has ever done before. Buggy, the leader of the Cross Guild, has begun issuing bounties for the Marines, as Kid mentioned. For the first time, the Marines are being pursued by bounty hunters and pirates alike.
The world of One Piece appears to be even more chaotic than it was previously. Admirals and Vice-Admirals of the Marines are being heavily pursued, and huge rewards have been placed on their heads. As a result, the Cross Guild appears to be the most dangerous pirate organization on the seas at the moment. While fans are only aware of a few of their members, it is assumed that they have several other pirates and bounty hunters among their ranks. With such immense power, they will undoubtedly turn the tides in this turbulent era.

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Written by Arumi :3