Whisper Me a Love Song Anime Visual Reveals for 2024

On Friday, the official website for the TV anime adaptation of Eku Takeshima’s “Whisper Me a Love Song” (or “Sasayaku yō ni Koi wo Utau”) manga shared exciting updates. These included additional cast members, a tantalizing teaser visual, and the announcement of the show’s premiere in January 2024.

Whisper Me a Love Song Anime Visual Reveals for 2024
Whisper Me a Love Song Anime Visual Reveals for 2024

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Main Cast

Hana Shimano as Himari Kino
Asami Seto as Yori Asanagi


Mikako Komatsu as Aki Mizuguchi
Konomi Kohara as Mari Tsutsui
Ai Kakuma as Kaori Tachibana
Yuna Nemoto as Shiho Izumi


The anime at Cloud Hearts will be directed by Xin Ya Cai, who has previously worked as an episode director for “Arte” and as an assistant director for “The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt”. Meanwhile, Yokohama Animation Lab will provide animation production supervision for the project. The series scripts will be overseen by Hiroki Uchida, known for his work on “Requiem of the Rose King” and “The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest”. The character designs are being created by Minami Yoshida, who has previously worked on “Mysteria Friends”.


On the first day of high school, the bubbly and energetic first-year student, Himari, becomes smitten with her senpai, Yori, after hearing her band perform. Himari confesses her love to Yori, who surprisingly reciprocates her feelings. However, as Himari realizes that their love is not the same, she starts to question the true meaning of “love.”

In 2019, Takeshima debuted the manga in the pages of Ichijinsha’s “Comic Yuri Hime” magazine.

Source: Official Site

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