Women Toilets Disappearing in Japan

The disappearance of women’s restrooms is a concerning issue that is gaining attention on social media, particularly with regard to an outdoor public toilet in Tokyo’s Arakawa Ward, Japan. Of the 82 public toilets managed by the ward, 53 do not have a “female-only” option.

Women Toilets Disappearing in Japan
Women Toilets Disappearing in Japan

Upon visiting the restrooms, it becomes apparent that only men’s restrooms and shared restrooms with a sign reading “There are no women’s restrooms, so please use this barrier-free restroom” are available.

This has resulted in complaints from members of the community, including a woman in her 50s who expressed that it is unfair, and a teenage girl who stated that some women may feel uncomfortable using a restroom after men have used it. Additionally, there are concerns about the increasing prevalence of such restrooms.

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What will happen to Japan in the future?

Masako Shirakura, a critic on toilets, has brought attention to the cost of installing toilets in Japan. In Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, installing toilets for men, women, and those with disabilities would cost approximately 40 million yen per location. However, dividing the installation into two sections, one for men and one for those with disabilities would reduce the cost to half, at 20 million yen. Shirakura notes that in Japan, there is a deeply rooted culture of providing toilets free of charge, unlike in other countries where paid toilets are common and help cover maintenance and management costs.

However, this way of thinking and budget constraints are contributing to a decrease in the number of women’s toilets. In response to an interview with “Mezamashi 8,” the person in charge of Arakawa Ward stated that “they plan to consider building separate facilities for men and women in the future, while also listening to the voices of residents for existing buildings, partly due to budget constraints. The future of Japan’s public toilets remains uncertain, but efforts are being made to address the issue.

Public Reaction on this Topic:

An era when you can’t go to the bathroom without worrying about going outside

・Who tolerated this?? It is blatant discrimination against women if men only are left.
It’s 1000 years too early to eliminate women-only toilets in a country full of male sex offenders.

・The number of women’s toilets is overwhelmingly insufficient at the moment, but if the number is further reduced, we will not be able to go out. The number of women’s restrooms should be increased fivefold, and multipurpose restrooms should be added on top of that. Stop discriminating against women.

・Isn’t it great?? ? I didn’t think that the “build women’s toilet” movement would be necessary for Reiwa ・It’s a terrible

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