World Dai Star to broadcast anime in spring 2023

The summer game app ‘World Dai Star is getting an anime in the spring of 2023.

world dai star
World Dai Star key visual

It was tweeted by the official account of the World Dai Star that the summer game app will finally be getting an anime adaptation. The official website of the anime also shared the staff members and the cast that will be working together for the anime. The teaser was uploaded to the YouTube account of the Emotion Label Channel. 

World Dai Star

In the 20th century, the advent of the brilliant actor “Deister” led to a worldwide boom in theater, and many actors aimed to become “Deister,” dreaming of becoming the “World Deister” at the top.


Kokona Otori: (manaka iwami)

Kokona Otori (Manaka Iwami)

Kokona is a 16-year-old second-year high school student. From an early age, she admired the theater of Sirius. Although she has a bright and friendly personality, she tends to be timid and admires Shizuka, who is always dignified. She went to the audition to join the team to become a World Distar.

Shizuka: (ikumi hasegawa)

Shizuka (cv: Ikumi Hasegawa)

She is a self-confident person with a strong sense of victory and a calm, analytical eye. A girl with something not found anywhere else. Always worrying about Kokoro, who tends to be timid, she always encourages her and gives her accurate advice. She believes in the place more than anyone else.

Katrina Griebel: (sally amagi)

Katrina Griebel (cv: Sally Amagi)

She is a 16-year-old second-year high school student. Both of his parents are thoroughbreds called World Diesters, and she used to do theater in Germany but came to Japan by herself after a certain incident. Aiming to be the best performer in history with explosive acting ability created from amazing concentration.

Yae Nizuma: (maria naganawa)

Yae Nizuma (cv: Maria Naganawa)

She is a 10-year-old fifth grader. Possessing an extraordinary acting ability that can dominate the scene in an instant, she is currently considered the only Di-Star candidate in Sirius. Although she is more stoic than anyone else when it comes to acting, she is usually cheerful, kind-hearted, and full of curiosity.

Yanagiba Panda: (cv: Naomi Ozora)

Yanagiba Panda (cv: Naomi Ozora)

She is a 13-year-old second-year junior high school student. A bright and charming mood maker who is rapidly gaining popularity as Sirius’ young ace. She’s friendly, but she’s actually a calculating realist. She is a hard-working person, so she is envious of her natural ability to do anything.

Sasuga Chisa: (riko sasaki)

Sasuga Chisa (cv: Riko Sasaki)

She is a 13-year-old second-year junior high school student. She has a blessed style and good looks, and she has a genius absorption power. Although she has a unique presence, she is a so-called mysterious character who often does not think about himself. Actually, she admires her childhood friend Panda.

Hiiragi Noa: (nanako mori)

Hiiragi Noa (cv: Nanako Mori)

She is 23 years old, and vice president of Sirius. The former No. 1 that Sirius is proud of, Distar. After retiring, she turned down invitations from other theater companies and became behind-the-scenes staff at Sirius, where her teacher is. She will do her best to produce World Deisters from Sirius.


Story draft: Takahiro

Character draft: Mika Pikazo

Directed by: Yuu Kinome

Series composition: Yasuhiro Nakanishi

Character design: Majiro

Animation Production: Lerche

Source: Trailer, Website, Twitter

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